01/04/18 - Cadwell and Koralov labs submit manuscript describing collaboration to bioRxiv

Serre-Yu Wong, Maryaline Coffre (Koralov lab), and Shika Ramanan (Cadwell lab alumn) teamed up to discover that B cell defects in our Nod2 knockout mouse colony were due to mutations in the Dock2 locus instead of Nod2. Although we were fortunate to discover a novel function for Dock2 in maintaining recirculating B cell populations in the bone marrow and B1a cells in the periphery, our findings serve as a cautionary tale of how mutagenesis outcomes can be mistakenly attributed to a gene of interest. We believe dissemination of these results will raise awareness among immunologists and other researchers who use inbred mice for their studies. This motivated us to deposit the manuscript to the preprint server bioRxiv: 10.1101/242586


Special thanks to coauthors Lauren Peters and Eric Schadt at Mount Sinai for providing Dock2 knockout mice that allowed us to verify our results. As our manuscript undergoes peer review, we hope that our findings add to the literature on Dock2 (a gene that is mutated in immunocompromised individuals) and motivates others to check their mice for unknown mutations that confound results.