Kimberly Zaldana

Kimberly received her BSc from Emory University in 2019, where she double majored in Biology and Sociology. During undegrad, she joined Dr. Christine Dunham's lab as a SIRE fellow, where she studied the translational regulation of antibiotic persistence genes in bacteria. After graduating, she did a postbac research fellowship at the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases in Dr. P'ng Loke's lab, where she researched the role of genetics and environment in Type 2 immune responses during intestinal helminth infections. 
She matriculated into the Immunology and Inflammation graduate program at the NYU School of Medicine in 2021, and is co-mentored by Dr. Ken Cadwell and Dr. Sergei Koralov. She is primarily interested in studying the dysregulation of humoral immune responses in inflammatory bowel diseases.